FEBRUARY 2022 - Deep Red 

February is here and love is in the air! It might be the shortest month of the year, but it's also the sweetest. (You know, since Valentine's Day falls right in the middle of it.) Everywhere you look, you'll find symbols of love-flowers and hearts in shades of pink and red. So of course this month's color is inspired by those romantic Valentine's vibes. Our theme for February is "Passionate" which is perfectly captured by the Color of the Month: Deep Red! 

Deep red color swatch collage, modern chic study room with deep red walls

Red is known as an emotionally intense color. It is known to stimulate the mind and the body-it can increase blood pressure, respiratory rate, and metabolism. It inspires action and is easy to spot, which is why you often see it used on signs. it's also symbolic of joy, love, and romance. Deep red is a little more intense and is a perfect representation of passion. 

Collage of multiple rooms with deep red painted walls

This shade of red is still bright, but has slightly darker undertones with a subtle hint of violet. This added depth makes it feel warmer and a bit more soothing than a true red. it's still vibrant, but has an added element of sophistication that makes it perfect for any home. Use this color in any space where you want to grab people's attention and create a little excitement. 

Deep red paint color collage, living room, bed room, and exterior home

If a bold look is what you're after, Deep Red would be an incredible choice for an allover wall color. it's a look that would be perfect in a powder room, dining room, or a formal living room. Or if you're after just a hint of drama, it would be great as an accent wall color to highlight a focal point in any room. 


What makes Deep Red unique is that even though it’s quite bright, it’s also a fantastic option to bring some color to the outside of your home. It’s gorgeous as an allover color, especially when paired with crisp white trim and accents. (Think a more modern twist on a traditional barn color scheme.) It’s also pretty as an accent color—is there anything better than a bold red front door? 


Looking for the perfect shade of Deep Red for your home? We recommend Red Bay by Sherwin Williams.If you’re feeling passionate about updating your home with this gorgeous color, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING would love to help you transform your home! To get started, schedule your free consultation today.


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