DECEMEBER 2021 - Rubellite 



Technically speaking, winter doesn’t officially start until later in the month, but for us it feels like winter starts as soon as the calendar flips to December. It’s that time of year where we all embrace the cozy life and surround ourselves with the rich and warming colors of the holiday season. The cheerful, fun energy of this time of year is the inspiration behind the choice for December’s Color of the Month—Rubellite! 

When you think of the holidays, you probably imagine a classic bright ruby red. This year we’ve decided to switch it up a little with Rubellite, which has a deeper purple-red tone. It’s a gorgeous shade that feels sophisticated and luxurious. This brilliant red is perfect for holiday decor, but also feels perfectly at home in any season. 


As a gemstone, Rubellite has some very cool properties. It is said to bring people strength and vitality, and can also help give you a boost of energy when people are requiring a lot of you. It’s also associated with feelings of enthusiasm, inspiration, and drive. From a health and wellness perspective, it is said to help with motion sickness, keeping hair and nails healthy and shiny, and be good for circulation. 

Since it’s quite a bold color, Rubellite is best paired with softer neutral colors like creamy whites, wheat tones, and deep gray. For something a little bolder, you can pair it with an inky black accent and a light taupe shade. Whichever color pallette you choose, the idea is to create balance with more muted tones that allow Rubellite to really stand out. 

We love the idea of using this eye-catching shade of red as an accent wall in a casual living room or family room to add some vibrant energy into your space. If you want to create a chic space for entertaining, try it as an allover wall color in a formal dining room or living room. We can also see it looking incredible as an exterior paint color on a heritage home or a Victorian-inspired home. Your home would definitely be the standout on the block! 


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