Aquamarine painted room, with accent color swatches

While spring might make it's official arrival in March, we don't truly see the season come to life until April. It always feels like the earth is waking up from a winter's nap and bringing an array of bright colors with it. Those sunny spring days are what inspired our choice for April's Color of the Month: Aquamarine! 

Collage of two living rooms and a bedroom painted Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a gorgeous shade of blue that has a light tint of spring green, and can be found between cyan and green on the color wheel. You might also know it as the birthstone for March, but we think this pretty hue perfectly captures the essence of spring and is perfect for April too! 

The word "aquamarine" comes from the Latin words for "water" and "of the sea." it's a perfect description of this sparkling stone. The stone itself can have an array of shades, ranging from a soft translucent blue to a more turquoise shade. In this case, we're talking about a brighter blue, with just a hint of green. 

Collage of rooms painted Aquamarine

In decor, aquamarine is the perfect color to bring an element of calm to any room. If you're after a beachy vibe, it pairs beautifully with soft neutrals like sand and crisp white. You can also create a cool monochromatic look by incorporating several shades of blue and green to mimic the tones of the ocean. 

For a more tropical feel, you can add in some vibrant pink, peach, and orange as accent colors. If you prefer a more chilled out beach house vibe, natural light wood accents and some cool distressed white furniture create that soothing feeling of being by the water. Or if you're after a more modern, sophisticated look, pair it with charcoal, bright white, and darker wood accents. 

Aquamarine painted kitchen cabinets, front door painted aquamarine

it's a fun accent color to work with, since it works so well with a variety of hues, from natural to bright and vibrant. However, it also makes a great allover wall color for a look that truly stands out. it's also a fun color to feature on the outside of your home! For just a hint of color, it would be perfect on a front door or as an accent on trim or window shutters. Or if you really want a look that stands out, why not choose it as an allover color for your exterior? Talk about curb appeal! 

However you choose to bring this gorgeous color to your home, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING would love to help you make it happen! If you're ready to give Aquamarine a try, we think Gentle Aquamarine by Sherwin Williams would be a great fit. 

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Aquamarine Swatches from Sherwin-Williams

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