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We aim to make every paint job as easy for you as possible with a painting process that's been transforming homes across North America for decades!
Schedule a visit with our expert team. We'll assess your home and present a quote outlining all the costs.

Complete our checklist to prepare for paint day. Our crew will do a walkthrough to minimize disruptions before they start.


We always bring enough painters to get the job done in ONE DAY. Get a quality paint job quickly and interruption-free!

The 1 DAY Difference

Your paint job will be complete by supper time! Which means you have all day to do whatever you like.

Minimal Disruption

We don't waste time and we don't waste materials — we get to work right away, no need to babysit.

Work with Care

Our professional team goes the extra mile to ensure floors, furniture, light switch covers of your home are all protected.

Premium Paints

We have partnered with high-quality paint brands to ensure your paint job lasts and you can choose from a wide range of colours.


Hear why your neighbours and our customers around the country think we're the most trusted residential and commercial painters around.


Horacio Barajas
Calgary, Alberta

“They went above and beyond what they said would do. Very professional and polite. They took care of every little detail and would hire them again or recommend them to a friend.”


Jill Hill
Calgary, Alberta

"This is truly the best way to paint a house. Their performance proves there isn't a need to waste a homeowner's time dragging a project on for days or weeks. Well done, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING!” 


It takes a village of passionate and friendly people to do work this good. Here's some of the team you'll meet during your WOW experience.

— Sean Kellington, Franchise Owner

“What we love most about this business is the joy we see in our customers eyes when they see their home for the first time since transforming it, and giving back to our community the way it has supported us”

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of painting your Calgary Metro Region home—whether it’s the inside, outside or both—will largely vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The size of your home
  • How much of the interior or exterior surfaces need to be painted—for example, painting accents, trim and smaller surfaces would be quicker and less costly than putting a new coat of paint on every surface
  • How much prep work is needed to get the surfaces ready to paint

You can generally expect a fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior to last between 5-10 years. However, in a place like Calgary that receives such a high amount of rain and has icy winters, you may start to notice chipping and fading in your home’s exterior paint a little bit sooner than that.

The decision to paint your house depends on your level of expertise and comfort when it comes to taking on this job—whether that’s on the inside of your home or its exterior surfaces. Hiring a service not only ensures the job is done by professionals, but it typically saves customers a lot of time too.

There are plenty of options for painters in the Calgary Metro region, so don’t be afraid to shop around and find the service that best suits you. A few good tips to follow when looking include:

  • Meet with different contractors
  • Get a few estimates
  • Check out past work and reviews
  • Make the scale and nature of your job clear
  • Obtain a contract
Sean Kellington
Franchise Owner
Sean Kellington

We are the local Calgary WOW 1 DAY PAINTING franchise and we are very excited to offer you an exceptional service, high quality workmanship and a state of the art call center, online booking system and professional painters that truly care about offering you that WOW experience! Hopefully you have seen our WOW 1 DAY PAINTING van parked around the Calgary area. I’m sure if you live in Evergreen, Mckenzie, Cranston, Douglasdale, Chapparral, Sundance, Canyon Meadows, Woodbine, Rocky Ridge, The Hills, and everywhere in between you have seen us! Whether you are moving, completing home renovations, or getting your home ready for guests; WOW 1 DAY PAINTING will be your personal painting solution.


Ready for our trusted painters to transform your residential or commercial space? We're ready to get to work. Call us at (825) 257-5050 or book online today for your free, zero-obligation quote.