Fall is in full swing and we're feeling it! As nice as those hot summer days are, there's just something so nice about sweater weather! Fall also gives us a ton of design inspiration, with the trees providing us with a truly stunning palette of red, orange, and yellow leaves everywhere you look. The colors of nature are behind our choice for October's Color of the Month: meet Orange Clay! 

Orange is a prominent color of the season, but it's typically in a bright pumpkin tone. Orange Clay is a more earthy version of the familiar color we associate with Halloween. It adds instant warmth to any space. Even though it's still a brighter color, it doesn't overstimulate. In fact, it's quite calming and instantly gives you those warm fall vibes. 

When working with Orange Clay, it's all about creating balance. A soft shade of beige, cream, or even a very light brown will help to anchor the space. To really bring out the earthy tones of the clay color, add some extra vibrant pops with accents in mustard or marigold yellow, and a deeper shade of terracotta orange. 

Orange Clay works brilliantly as an allover wall color, simultaneously bringing some energy to a room, while also giving it a very cozy feeling. After all, when it gets colder outside, we want our indoor space to feel warm and comforting. If you're not quite ready to go all-in with bright wall colors, you can always start off with one accent wall. It allows you to bring some color into your space while still keeping things on the more neutral side. If you go this route, use a soft beige, cream, or true white. 

It can also look really incredible on your home's exterior too! An orange clay front door or trim adds some fun to a neutral exterior, and delivers quite a dramatic result for a quick makeover. If you want to make a bolder statement, use Orange Clay as an allover color on your home's exterior. you'll definitely make your home stand out with this look! 

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