As the weather gradually starts to cool off, we're saying goodbye to summer. While we really do love summer, by this time of year we're ready to welcome fall with open arms. As the air gets that unmistakable crispness to it, it's time to get cozy. This month, there's only one color that can help guide us through that seasonal transition in style: Eggplant!

Eggplant has brownish undertones which give it an earthy vibe, while the purple shines through to keep things vibrant. This deep, rich shade of purple is perfect for creating cozy, intimate rooms in your home. Eggplant walls are perfect for adding some drama to the social spaces in your home like living rooms and dining rooms.

When it comes to creating your perfect color palette using eggplant, stick to lighter tones with that same earthy element, like taupe and charcoal. If pairing it with white, stick to creamier whites that help add a little more warmth. Eggplant is a great option for use as a feature wall, but it can also look incredible as an allover wall color—just make sure you choose a slightly softer shade to keep it from feeling too overwhelming.

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