Read our Featured Article on Pro Painter

Featured Article on Pro Painter

Co-Founders Jim Bodden and Brian Scudamore, along with Toronto franchise partner Brent Sharpless, tell the story of 1-888-WOW-1DAY! Painting and how it’s revolutionizing the painting industry.

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When Jim Bodden first came up with the concept of painting the entire interior of a house in a day, people told him it was impossible. It was 2010 and Bodden had been in the high-end residential and light commercial painting business in Vancouver for more than a decade. He was tired of competing with the same people for the same jobs. Looking to carve out a niche, he put pen to paper and started brainstorming.

“I started thinking about price, quality and service,” says Bodden. “I realized I couldn’t compete on price because it wasn’t going to make my business successful to outprice everybody and it was kind of deceptive to the customer. I looked at it from a quality perspective, but I was already doing high quality work and so were my competitors.”

In the end, it came down to service. Bodden recognized a common complaint among clients in the industry… [ Continue Reading ]