9 Calming Paint Colors to Help You Relax

Feb 14, 2024

Combat stress effortlessly by incorporating calming paint colors into your home. Whether it's the daily grind at work or the constant race against time, a serene environment can make a significant difference. Discover how the right choice of calming paint colors can help maintain low stress levels, creating a soothing atmosphere for a more relaxed and balanced life.

Stress Reducing Colors to Calm You

You might not even notice it, but your body and your mind both have reactions to seeing colors. Brighter colors usually stimulate your brain and energize you, potentially even making you feel a little anxious. When painting rooms in your home, you want to think about how you want to feel when you're in the room. If relaxation is your goal, there are certain colors to consider.


Blue is a classic color that many turn to when decorating their homes. There's a good reason for that-blue is quite a soothing color and can help to calm a busy mind. It's an ideal color to use in a bedroom since it can actually help you sleep. As for which shades to stick to, think very soft, neutral tones since bright colors might be too stimulating.


Violet has a blue base, so it makes sense that this color would also be quite calming. A soft violet or lilac tone can bring balance and inner peace. When choosing a shade of violet, look for something soft without too much black in it.


You might not immediately think of pink as a calming color since it has so many bright and vibrant versions. However, a soft pastel pink can definitely bring an element of peace and calm to a space. When choosing the right shade of pink, think soft and light, since brighter shades with too much red could leave you feeling overstimulated.

Blue, Violet, and Pink Room Inspiration


Green is quite soothing and comforting. It makes perfect sense since this is the color we associate with nature and the outdoors. Green is present in most of the spaces we visit when we want to feel relaxed; parks, our backyards, and the quiet forest. Pretty much any shade of green will leave you feeling calm, but the lighter shades will have you feeling more chilled out than brighter versions.


You might be a little surprised to see gray on this list since it's often seen as being a bit dull and boring. Some might think it's even a little depressing since we sometimes feel a bit low on days where the sky is very cloudy. However, the right shade of gray can actually be very calming and relaxing. It's a perfect neutral color, which means it works well with pretty much any color or palette. It's a great option for any room in your home.


Tan is another one that might not immediately come to mind for people. It's a great neutral and works well as a base for highlighting other colors. There's a warmness to it that reminds us of candlelight, which is incredibly relaxing.

Green, Gray and Tan Room Inspiration


White is an interesting one since subtle differences in the shade can create very different reactions in people. If you go too dull, it might be a bit of a downer. If you go too bright, it can seem too clinical and actually stress you out a bit. The key to keeping things calming with white is to stick to warmer, creamy versions.


A bright yellow is very stimulating and might have your mind running a mile a minute. However, a very light, soft pastel yellow feels very soothing. The right shade of yellow can leave you feeling like you're being bathed in warm rays of sunshine. It doesn't get much more relaxing than that!


You can create variations on calming colors by blending any of these gorgeous tones together. For example, blending violet and gray will create a soothing lilac gray hue, or a pink and tan can combine to create a softer warm pink.

White and Yellow Room Inspiration

Gray makes a great base for blending with any brighter color to create a cool, calming tone that won't seem too overwhelming or distracting. It works beautifully when blended with violets, greens, and blues.

What is the Most Soothing Color?

It won't surprise you to learn that it's blue! When we're feeling stressed out, we subconsciously look to blue. We might look up to the sky for a bit of daydreaming to calm down or take a trip to the beach to stare out into the water and enjoy some quiet time. In fact, it's said that looking at the color blue can produce chemicals in the body that promote calming.

Blue House Paint

If you don't want to go full-on blue in every room in your home, you'll still feel the calming effects by choosing colors that have elements of blue, such as a warmer gray, blue-green, or soft purple.

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