April 22, 2024
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Is painting over brick a good idea?

Like any design choice, it looks stunning now, but are we going to look at it in 20 years and ask ourselves, “What were we thinking?”

We (unfortunately) can’t see into the future, but for several decades, painted brick houses have been stunning and chic. It can be an especially good choice if your home is more traditional but your taste in decor is more modern.

Brick is a classic home exterior and serves as an incredible barrier against dirt, snow, and other elements of nature. However, with time your brick may begin to show unsightly signs of wear and tear. Breathing life back into your brick is quite simple. All you need is a bit of paint.

Will painting brick devalue your home?

Different parts of the country have different tastes. In states or provinces where modern homes retain higher values, painting brick can definitely get you more money for your home with a modern feel. In a more historic neighborhood, buyers may appreciate the original look of brick.

Take a look at your neighborhood demographics and who is moving into houses in your town, state, or province, and think about what they tend to look for.

Is painted brick going out of style?

Similarly, style can be very relative to your neighborhood and who is moving in there. Generally speaking, if you want a more modern look, painting brick is a great way to do that.

Another consideration, like any exterior job, is what the rest of the block looks like. If you have several neighbors with white-painted brick, your house might look a little cookie-cutter. Chances are, that’s not the case, so it’s more a matter of taste! If you live in a neighborhood where maintaining historic integrity and charm is the common choice, painting your brick exterior could make your home stand out – in a negative way.

Is painting brick hard?

Brick is a textured surface, which can be more challenging than other exterior walls like wood or siding. Due to their porous nature, multiple thin coats of paint are needed for full coverage and durability. There is additional surface preparation needed to do a brick paint job right.

What to do to brick before painting it

Instructions can vary depending on your particular house or location. Our experts at WOW 1 DAY PAINTING will help you with making sure the job is done correctly.

Here are some of the main steps:

  • Clean your brick thoroughly. Use sandpaper to scrape away any loose rust and paint. Brush away debris and ash.
  • Scrub to clean the area. Mix warm water with dish soap in a bucket. Let the brick dry completely.
  • If additional cleaning is needed, you can try using milder cleaners first (like vinegar or foaming bathroom cleaner) before moving to stronger ones like ammonia or trisodium phosphate. Always test on a small area first.
  • Rinse the brick. Use warm water after cleaning to remove any residue.
  • Allow the brick to dry. This helps the paint properly adhere.
  • Sand rough or uneven surfaces. Lightly smooth out the bricks before painting to help the paint adhere.

What is the best paint for exterior brick painting?

Acrylic latex paint is weatherproof and ideal for exterior surfaces like brick. It prevents cracks and Sherwin Williams Emerald Rain Refresh is a recommended self-cleaning option for less maintenance.

How many coats should you paint over the exterior brick?

With high-quality acrylic latex paint, two to three coats should be enough to cover properly pre-treated brick surfaces.

What do you put on the brick before painting it?

If you have older bricks or they are particularly rough, apply a masonry primer and sealer on the bare, untreated brick after cleaning for better adhesion of the topcoat paint. Be sure to fill any large cracks or voids in the brick with an exterior-grade concrete filler or caulk.

How long does paint on brick last?

Painting brick is comparable to other exterior paint jobs. Depending on sun exposure or time of painting, you might need to touch up sooner or later but painting tends to last about five years.

Do you need to seal the brick after painting?

Latex paint dries quickly and is easy to clean. For painting brick, use wear-resistant exterior paint instead of a sealer. But if your home is in particularly rough or wet conditions, you might want to consider using a sealer on top to help with porousness.

Is painted brick high maintenance?

Brick is porous and requires higher maintenance than non-porous surfaces. Use acrylic latex paint formulated for masonry/exterior use to reduce maintenance needs. Proper surface preparation, including cleaning and priming, promotes adhesion and longevity of the paint job.

High-quality application techniques yield longer-lasting results and reduce maintenance requirements. Periodic cleaning is necessary to remove accumulated dirt, especially on brick exposed to the weather. Indoor painted brick requires less frequent touch-ups/cleaning than outdoor brick exposed to sun, rain and pollutants.

How hard is it to remove painted brick?

To strip paint from bricks, you need to clean the surface, apply a paint stripper, scrape and scrub. Chemical-based strippers are the best method but they still require a lot of manual labor. Gel-based strippers work well on vertical surfaces, but need multiple coats.

The process is time-consuming and physically demanding, taking up to several days depending on the scale of the job.

What color is best to paint brick?

House brick paint colors in 2024

There are a ton of benefits that come with painting brick. For starters, it's a pretty simple yet effective way to really transform the overall look and feel of your home. Your home is something personal, so it should reflect your own sense of style. Brick is incredibly versatile and can present itself as traditional or modern depending on your style and color selection. Here are some important things to consider before moving forward with your exterior painting project.

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Painting brick serves as a practical solution to boosting curb appeal and increasing the value of your home. With inevitable exposure to moisture and extended periods in the sun, it's natural for bricks to show signs of deterioration. A coat of paint can create a transformative visual impact, creating a uniform surface over the uneven signs of aging. Not only does it act as camouflage over existing weathering, but the use of the right paint also acts as a sealant, and protects your home from future decay.

Brick is a naturally porous material, meaning there are many small holes or openings which allow for air and moisture to pass through. When left unpainted, it's easy for brick to trap dirt and debris that can be quite difficult to scrub away. This collection of buildup in conjunction with moisture and other natural seasonal elements can lead to further obstacles such as limescale and mold. All home exteriors require some level of maintenance, but not all are equal! A painted exterior provides a smooth surface, making cleaning your home as simple as an occasional power wash.

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Of course, location can play a big role in the longevity of your paint. If you live in a warm climate, your home may be more vulnerable to fading. Comparatively, living in a cold climate might mean harsh winds and snow can reduce the luster of your home. This is why it's essential to hire trusted professionals for an exterior painting project.

When executing big home improvement projects, hiring the right professionals can make or break your experience. Expert painters are knowledgeable on the process of painting a variety of home exteriors from start to finish and know exactly which tools, paints, and other materials are necessary to ensure your brick home is properly equipped to look fantastic for years to come. Skilled painters utilize the best tools available, which makes for a stress-free experience!


Don't just take our word for it! Here are some stunning examples of how a coat of paint can revive and elevate a home.

Whether your style preference is regal, modern or chic, the right coat of paint can help your home achieve the elevated restoration you've been dreaming of!

Ready to make a transformative difference to your home? Our experts at WOW 1 DAY PAINTING are ready to help! From color selection to paint type, we're ready to assist you every step of the way. To get started, book your free, no-obligation estimate today!

How much does it cost to paint a brick exterior?

Labor is the most expensive part of a paint job, so the cost will depend on the size and scale of the job. If the house is fully covered in brick, it could cost you a little extra to do the job properly due to extra prep and materials (for example, if you want to seal the bricks after).

The WOW 1 DAY PAINTING team is here to help you every step of the way. If you want to get a free quote on your home, we’ll swing by and talk you through a few different options.

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