"At the end of the day, we've got each others' backs": Two friends start a business from a shared vision


Meet long time friends and colleagues Marc and David, who both left corporate America so that they could become their own bosses. Read on to find out why they decided to leverage both their professional and personal relationship to start a business together.

Q: What made you want to own a business?

Marc: It's been a passion and dream of mine since I was a kid. To be honest, I've had that mindset for as long as I can remember. I started mowing lawns as a kid, and later a friend and I decided to wholesale buy sports memorabilia and take them to trade shows. I ended up working for City Bank and corporate America for many years. Now, I'm ready to go do something I'm a little more passionate about.

David: I came from humble beginnings -- both of my parents are first generation Americans -- so since I was a kid, I've been hungry to create my own way. I ended up in corporate America, just like Marc, and over time it just seemed less and less attractive. As we learned more about the WOW 1 DAY PAINTING brand, it became clear that this was an opportunity for us to do something for ourselves and leverage our professional and personal relationships as friends.

Q: Why now - what was it that made you take the leap? 

Marc: Like with most things in my life, I do my best work when I'm pushed. My role at USAA was eliminated in March and I decided to look for opportunities elsewhere. At that point, I was at a crossroads. I could either find another job in corporate America or I could build something new. 

David: I stepped away from the corporate life about a year and a half ago, and was trying to figure out what my next move was. I took some time to self reflect, and realized it was time to pursue something that I was really passionate about. I am motivated by working hard on something that brings meaning and value to life, something we can be proud of. It's all about the spirit of innovation, bringing people together, and ultimately, watching the business grow. 

Q: In your opinion, what are the benefits of joining a franchise system? 

Marc: The leadership team, for one. They are well-seasoned and have built multiple franchises. Second, all the processes and systems that will ensure a high rate of success. I don't know a whole lot about owning a small business, so for me I'll take all the help needed with branding and marketplace recognition. At the end of the day, we didn't want to try and figure it all out -- we wanted something more thought-through and professional. 

David: For me, the benefit is about the support and the proven method. We could be selling rocks, and it wouldn't make a difference. And there's a reason for the method: it works. It became apparent as we were calling existing franchises and asking for some words of wisdom, and they all said the same thing: "I thought I knew better, but if I would have just followed the process then I think things would have turned out differently." And that was really telling. 

Q: Why WOW 1 DAY PAINTING? What made this the right fit? 

Marc: Franchise consultants gave me WOW 1 DAY PAINTING as my #1 choice. My first thought was, "No way...I don't speak Spanish and I live in San Antonio!" But then I realized I knew a guy who spoke amazing Spanish and who would be willing to run the day-to-day. And that's when all the pieces of the puzzle started coming together. I realized this was the right franchise for me. 

David: One word...branding. In San Antonio, you've got a lot of construction right now and it's really busy. So I knew this opportunity was unique, and that it was the right time. There's a need for courteous customer service, for people who know what they're doing and are willing to WOW their customers. 

Q: What are your passions / interests / hobbies - what makes you happiest and motivates you? 

Marc: An innovative spirit, the opportunity to grow something from nothing. Building teams, and then improving and nurturing them. 

David: I'm passionate about family. I've got two little ones, boys who are 5 and 7, so we're never short of energy in our house. We do lots of activities together as a family: outdoorsy things, like fishing and camping. Marc and I also ride bikes together, sometimes in our territory -- just scouting out where we could put up signs!

Q: Tell us about your territory, what makes it unique? 

Marc: It's the older part of San Antonio, so a lot of historic and older homes. Lots of the homes will likely be in need of repair, so it felt like the perfect fit for us. 

David: Based on the demographics of our territories, there's a good alignment. Our customers are looking for a good product at a fast turnaround time, with price being less of a factor. That fits with our vision. 

Q: How has the virtual element of the process been - the fact you haven't been able to visit the Junktion etc.? 

Marc: Given the circumstances, it's been fine. That being said, there are many advantages of being together in person. 

David: Everyone has been very responsive and accessible via virtual conferencing. It's great to see that we are still pushing forward and doing everything we can to make it work. We're super excited and ready to go.

Thanks Marc and David, and congratulations on your new business!

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