June 2018 - Yellow

Images via PINTEREST

This month's color is inspired by a very specific feeling. You know when you take a nap in the middle of a sunny afternoon and wake up in a warm pool of sunlight? That sensation of being bathed in warmth is exactly how we feel whenever we walk into a room or see a house painted in June's color of the month: yellow!


Images via PINTEREST

Yellow is an ideal color for any space. it's easy to create an exact feeling by finding the perfect shade of yellow: a soft pastel yellow creates a cozy and warm atmosphere for a living room, while a creamy, buttery white creates the perfect neutral backdrop for a bedroom. Add some energy to a room with a splash of vivid goldenrod or mustard on an accent wall or as a highlight for an architectural feature like a fireplace.

Images via PINTEREST

Yellow is the perfect choice to use as an accent color. It truly pops against a neutral background yet also pairs well with softer pastel tones. it's the perfect way to bring some more sunshine into your life, especially when the colder months come back around.

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