February 2018 - RED

red color swatch

Images via PINTEREST

There is no doubt that red is the ultimate statement color. Bold and passionate, red is a vibrant shade that instantly sparks emotion. That's what makes it the perfect hue for the spaces we spend time in the most-it adds a touch of romance to the ambience and definitely sets a mood.

red interior room and doors

Images via PINTEREST

Red is bold enough to stand out as an accent wall in a living or dining room, yet it's also sleek enough to not be totally overwhelming when you wrap a whole room in it. It pairs beautifully with neutrals and other rich shades with darker undertones. Cabinets, doors, and decks all shine when painted red.

kitchen color schemes with red

Images via PINTEREST

it's a great color to experiment with. For some, a little may go a long way while for others a whole can of paint may not seem like enough. Whatever your preference, we highly recommend considering it for your next paint inspiration session.  

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