Color of the Month, Wow 1 Day Painting, June 2024: Green Basque

A carefree oasis always looks better when it’s dressed in green. Leave your worries behind with Basque Green’s effortless vibe. Introducing our June Color of the Month: Basque Green by Sherwin-Williams. No matter the setting, this traveled hue can bring any destination home thanks to its versatile style that translates from coast to coast.

Why We Love Basque Green:

Basque Green isn’t confined to being just a color, it embodies the essence of relaxation, bringing a touch of nature indoors. Its depth and richness create a sense of tranquility, making it the perfect choice for those seeking to transform their space into a serene sanctuary.

Bringing Basque Green to Life: Three Different Ways

Staycation: Modern Coastal

Color of the Month, Wow 1 Day Painting, June 2024: Green Basque

Get the Look: nautical lighting, sun-bleached hues, classic patterns

Why not bring the coast to you? Modern Coastal’s new take on seaside style makes your everyday feel like an elevated getaway. With a new look that leans classic and natural, this beach-inspired revival favors the moodier hues found in nature instead of the bright ones. From the rolling blue waves to the grass-covered dunes, this staycation palette is a breath of fresh (salty) air.

Desert Dreams: Desert Modern

Color of the Month, Wow 1 Day Painting, June 2024: Green Basque

Get the Look: potted greenery, global patterns, natural finishes

This plant-filled haven isn’t a mirage, but the desert modern vibes might have you feeling otherwise. Basque Green’s unique color makes it the perfect star for an entryway whose style is equally free-spirited. With an abundance of desert botanicals and boho accessories, you can easily craft an outdoor space that sets the tone for a good time.

Mid-Century Mainstay

Color of the Month, Wow 1 Day Painting, June 2024: Geen Basque

Get the Look: metallic accents, solid wood furniture, bold color

Some styles are so iconic they’re always around – and keep getting better. A vintage mashup of nostalgic decor and upcycled furnishings create a retro masterpiece that pays homage to the past with a present-day twist. Use Basque Green to boldly color an entryway where your mid-century favorites can blend with today’s finds.

Why Basque Green for Your Interior Paint Color:

Basque Green isn’t just a color; it’s a mood, a vibe, a lifestyle. Its versatility allows it to adapt to any interior design style, whether you’re going for a coastal retreat, desert oasis, or mid-century masterpiece. As the June 2024 Color of the Month by Sherwin-Williams, Basque Green invites you to refresh your home for summer with a hue that exudes sophistication.


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