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Last week, our Co-Founder Jim Bodden responded to a request from Forbes Magazine. The writer was interested in learning about what entrepreneurs would define as their "aha" moment - that moment when the business idea was born.

Jim responded and today the article was published on Forbes.com. To our surprise, Jim's feedback has been placed on the first page (there are 18 pages!).

Jim Bodden reveals the "Aha" moment that lead to the creation of 1-888-WOW-1DAY! Painting:

I was seeking a way to differentiate my painting company from the others. My "aha" moment came when I realized that speed without sacrificing quality was the answer. People hate having their homes taken over by painting crews so why not complete painting project in one day? If two painters can paint 10 rooms in 5 days, why not get 10 painters to paint the same 10 rooms in one day?

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