Summer Drinks for Decor Inspiration

No matter how much you love winter, spring, or fall, it seems like everyone lives for summer. The warm weather and the longer days provide the perfect excuse to throw a themed barbeque, head to the beach with a cooler of cold ones, or just relax on the porch with some sweet iced tea. To emulate the vibrancy of the season, try using your favourite summer beverages as decor inspiration.


Summer just isn’t summer without lemonade – hard or not. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and sour, and most importantly, it’s refreshing. You can make use of lemonade yellow both inside your home and out. Mimic the lemonade chilling in the fridge by painting your kitchen cabinets the same color and putting a bowl of lemons on the counter, or add some brightness to your living room with a feature wall, striped throw pillows, or lampshades. Additionally, make the sun jealous with yellow patio umbrellas, potted daisies, and a freshly painted front door!

For an earthier shade of yellow, look to your favourite summer beers like lagers and pilsners – perfect for patio weather. Re-stain your backyard deck to match the pints by the barbeque or paint some fun birdhouses to hang from the trees.


Other than a beach holiday, summer is probably the only time you blend up a classic lime margarita. And whether or not you have an umbrella to toss in the glass, there’s just something festive about this summer drink that’s perfect to emulate in your home decoration. Try blending a bit of fun into your front hall with a lime area rug and matching picture frames. Make dinnertime a festivity with green walls and lime-patterned chair covers and napkins. Or add some creative curb appeal to your home with lime green fences and front door.


If you always wanted to be Rizzo or have fond memories of seed-spitting contests, look to pink lemonade and watermelon tea for your “pinksperation.” All shades of pink are easy to incorporate into your garden with hydrangeas, petunias, roses, and tulips. You can also add it to your patio with planter pots (store-bought or painted yourself), deck chairs and striped seat cushions, or a freshly painted picnic table.

If you’re looking for a slightly less vivid pink, look to strawberry and raspberry daiquiris. These deeper pinks can also be put to good use in your garden through raspberry bushes, bee balm, dahlias, and peonies. But if you still want to be bold, repaint the entire deck! Darker pinks, verging on red, are also the perfect color to paint your kitchen or dining room walls, or to add to the bedroom with accents like candles, throw blankets, and mirror frames.

If you want some summer lovin’ all year long, mix it up and add a bit of lemon yellow, lime green, and watermelon pink throughout your home! Your decor doesn’t need to change with the seasons – leave drabness at the door.