5 easy ways to give your space a fresh, new look


For most, the thought of change elicits fear and anxiety  - whether it be knowing how to choose the right paint color, or picking the right furniture that best compliments your space.  But not all changes have to be grand in order for them to make an impact.  Making small changes to a few key pieces can transform the entire aesthetic of a room. Here are 5 ways to change up your space - without the commitment.

Paint key pieces

Whether it be the kitchen cabinets or a set of dining room chairs, changing the color of a few key pieces can change the entire feel of a room.  If you're unsure of painting an entire room, try doing just the baseboards or crown moldings to give it a little pop and a clean, linear finish. Painting a coffee table with a bold hue can shift the focus of space and is an easy alternative to freshen up existing furniture.


Try your hand at removable wallpaper

Try a bold pattern for a statement wall, or a neutral tone for an entire room.  Removable wallpaper is safe and relatively easy to use and unlike conventional wallpaper, doesn't leave a mess.  Simply measure the dimensions of your walls, peel the backing, and smooth on to the wall using your hand or a flat-surfaced tool.  The best part of removable wallpaper is just that - it peels off easily and leaves your walls intact.

Practice the art of Feng Shui

Re-arranging furniture and fixtures can significantly improve the functionality and comfort of a space. Create a thoughtful seating plan by placing pieces strategically to maximize flow, or take advantage of a blank wall by incorporating descending shelves to keep multiple rolling focal points.


Change your light bulbs

Summer is approaching and the days are getting longer.  That doesn't mean you can't make use of your space at night.  Change your light bulbs to set the mood - if you're using compact fluorescent bulbs, replace them with a set of incandescent ones to create a softer, calming environment.

Go utilitarian

What better way to change the aesthetic of a space than by removing clutter and any unnecessary decor. There are plenty of affordable storage solutions that can be either incorporated into your space, or put away out of sight to keep clutter at a minimum.

Creating these small changes can instantly change the look and feel of your space and if you're not feeling it - no problem!  These small changes leave plenty of opportunities for you to change your mind.

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