Professional development and new media


At WOW 1 DAY PAINTING we pride ourselves on being a learning organization. One of our core responsibilities to our franchise partners is to equip them with the knowledge and skill to ensure their continued success. Built into this are on-going coaching, check-ins, and instructional knowledge transfers focused on business acumen, profitability growth, and superior customer experience.

The challenge, however, associated with this transfer always remains the same: how best to disseminate and share this information with individuals who are continually on the move throughout the day?

Most growing businesses - especially those operating in the home service sector - are field-based. There is little time to sit and read manuals, attend webinars, or take part in conference calls.

We've all been there - it can be incredibly difficult to see the need to crack open a binder when your schedule is packed, and your immediate focus remains day-to-day operations and sales, and dealing with major macro issues - such as your finances and customer service goals and obligations.

And let's face it, when you get home after an incredibly long day the only thing you want to crack open may start with a b (but probably ends in -eer.)

So what is the answer to this question?

It is, as the kids say these days, all about going viral.

Make it interactive. Make it fun. Make it bite-sized and easily accessible. There are so many ways in which new media can be used for learning practices. Below I share three ways in which you can leverage media to train your partners and staff.


Business owners who spend the majority of their time on jobs, or driving in their vans can listen to training podcasts with relative ease. They are a fantastic way to deliver content in short, manageable, and actionable pieces, in a method that is easily accessible. Recording is non-time intensive; during our last recording session we completed three episodes in less than an hour.

Even better? They cost next to nothing to make.


The great thing about training via video is that not only can you film a number of instructional vignettes at once, but they can be made on a budget. Visual components can be easily branded and are a fun and interactive way to showcase your culture and EFAs (Exceptional Focus Areas). We have Franchise Partners watch the videos prior to arriving for in-office training, so they prepped for the sessions, and have already prepared questions that we can answer in person.

Videos can vary in length, although it is always better to focus on shorter when possible (think about what is it is you really want to impart in the video.)

Group Text Messaging

One of the best ways to learn is peer to peer. Colleagues can be tremendous resources for best practices on everything from hiring practices, to job bidding and expansion.

At WOW 1 DAY PAINTING we have a messenger group titled "HOW TO WOW" which is essentially a living and growing learning ecosystem. Franchise partners are able to share tips, lessons learned, and big wins, as well as reach out for help and support when needed.  This can range from a franchise partner in Texas getting technical support on a live estimate from another franchise partner in Toronto, to sharing unbelievable culture videos and pictures.

Never underestimate the power of a simple text, especially as interpersonal communication continues to move away from long telephone conversations. Texts are also much faster to send than an e-mail, can be dispatched in an instant, and on average are read within three minutes of being received. The response time can be almost instantaneous.

What are your non-traditional training approaches that can develop skill and culture? How do you use media for learning? Please share below!