The Power of WOW


The Power of WOW

We received an awesome message in our inbox that just had to be shared with you.

Our Ottawa franchise partners, Leesa Franklin and Leesha Cunningham (pictured above), delivered an incredible customer experience that WOW'ed a customer so much that he had to share the experience with his entire network.

The customer, Michael Hughes a.k.a the Networking Guru, is a well-connected business coach and speaker in Ottawa that understands the power of networking and creating a positive customer experience.

I've pasted his email below:

Hi Leesha and Lisa. Just sent the message below to my 3,500+ email , 80% of whom are in the Ottawa area. This communication will also be copied to my 1,000+ Facebook friends and 2,000+ Twitter contacts. In addition, I sent a variation of the recommendation to my 2650+ LinkedIn connections earlier today.

We are truly pleased at the outcome of our investment, by your professionalism, attention to detail and the overwhelming value we received. Please feel free to pass our name along to anyone who wishes to speak with previous clients.

Here is the message he sent to his 3,500 email subscribers:

Dear Michael,

Part of our main floor reno included re-painting. As we reviewed quotes, one firm stood out. Their price was competitive, but they added two value areas we didn't expect (one additional color and design consultation).

Their work was professional, but it was the extra value they continually overwhelmed us with that blew us away: add-on services, constant updates, responsive to issues, great attitude, even a gift for doing business with them.

Like you, I sparingly supply glowing references. The secret formula of price, performance and WOW is rare. Need your house painted? Check out (Ottawa). Want info on their work? Call me.

P.S.: I even have $75 coupon they left for you.

This week's tip:
What does it take for others to not only recommend you, but actively work on your behalf in today's competitive business environment? Take a page from Linda, Leesha and the 1-888-WOW-1DAY Ottawa team's playbook: continually deliver unexpected, overwhelming value every time you interact with a client.

We're also big supporters of spreading the love, so we encourage you to check out Micheal's website here. He's a business development and management consultant that has done extensive research on, and is a specialist in, utilizing networking as a business strategy.

Well done Leesa and Leesha!