Painting pumpkins

By Sarah Gray

Every year, we find a close-to-round pumpkin, carve a hole in the top, and scoop out the guts. Then we painstakingly carve a Halloween-y design, carefully avoiding slips that take off digits.

Why not try something new this year? Instead of using any kitchen implements, grab a paintbrush and paint your squash! As your paint experts, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING has some ideas for pumpkin painting that will give you beautiful, seasonal decorations.

Tip: Start by painting a layer of varnish or sealer on your pumpkin - it will help the paint stick. When that's dry, use acrylic paint for best results.


There's nothing like an arachnid to bring the spirit of Halloween to your front stoop. Paint your pumpkin a soft white. After that coat dries, take a thick Sharpie and create your best web design around the circumference. With a hot glue gun, attach a large, plastic spider. Some sparkles to accent the web's edges will add mystique!


Want to keep your doorway classy? Buy a variety of squashes, with different shapes and colors - acorn squash, pumpkins, spaghetti squash will do the trick. Buy a can of spray paint with a metallic finish - golds and bronzes are good shades this time of year - and a matte black. Paint each squash with the different hues, then group them together for an elegant, fall look! Add a stenciled design or decoupage if you have the time.


There's something to be said for crafty, character-driven pumpkins. If your spherical squash screams "Sully from Monsters, Inc." to you, painting your pumpkin will be the easiest way to bring him to life.

All you need is blue paint, some cardboard ears, and possibly his good friend Mike. Word to the wise: Wait for each layer of paint to dry before adding facial features; it will help create a clean look.

Other characters that do well with round shapes include Minions from Despicable Me and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.