Bring your winter blues to brights

By Vanessa Woznow

The darker, cooler days of winter can make even the most positive amongst us feel less energetic. Once we turn back the clocks, and the sun begins to set at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, it become markedly harder to remain creative, let alone active around the house.

The good news? A new, fresh, and fun coat of paint can act as a great way to combat the ever-darkening days, rainy afternoons, and cold mornings.

Even better? It will make it much easier to stay active around the house, and some even say that these improvements can help fight off flue season. A much needed bonus for both you and your family!

Color therapy is a great way to remain emotionally balanced during the darker and less colorful winter months. Certain colors are known to increase energy, including red and purple, while yellow and green are mood boosters, and can make people feel more happy and upbeat.

Incorporate these colors into your home environment in these fun, creative ways:

Statement wall

This involves choosing a vibrant color that compliments the furniture and atmosphere in the existing room. The perks of doing a feature wall? Depending on the size, it takes less than half the time to paint and can be a huge lift for a space.

Find a wall in a room in which you spend a lot of your time - think the living room, kitchen, or den. Then, pick a color that you and your family enjoy, and that will provide great balance to the furniture and existing colors. Make it a fun project in which everyone can take part - that way everyone will enjoy the sense of satisfaction of a job well done, as well as the added mood boost!


Funk up your furniture with a new coat of paint. A vintage dresser, table, or chair can turn into a great centerpiece for a room.

Consider painting old chest a brilliant white, and the using it as a coffee table, or perhaps finding a large, old painting frame and then hanging it above your bed. For these projects the color options are endless because each piece can easily be re-painted when the time is right.

You never know - you might be surprised by how much you like a neon armoire!


White is no longer the only option for your ceilings! It's time to get creative and move away from this tried and true basic.

Choosing an elegant, neutral tone in a grey or taupe will add drama to a living room or dining room, and won't require the rest of the room to be painted. Plus it's not too big of a change that it will cause any undue stress or a huge adjustment time.

The most important thing? Focus on having fun and creative a space that brightens up your days. If it's a children's room, engage them in the color selection process, and depending on the child, think about adding a little sparkle.

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