New Year, New Hue!


Happy New Year to all of our blog readers!

As we look forward to the blank slate that is 2016, we encourage you to dream big and think of just that - a blank slate.

(Or, a blank canvas if you will.)

Paint is such a fun way of celebrating a new year, and a new stage in your life. It can allow you to transform a bedroom, warm up a kitchen, give life to a living room, and bring fun to a child's recreation room. A statement wall can add drama and flair to any room of your house, while a new color on your kitchen table and chairs can making the dining experience all the more magical. Take it from us, even a new trim on your stairway banister can making going up and down stairs a fun experience.

To help get you excited (or capitalize off of your existing excitement!) we've put together the following three ways of brightening up your home this New Year.

After all, one must never underestimate how a new hue can help lead to a new you!

Statement Walls

There are so many ways a statement wall can add to your home. The first, and probably the most popular method, is choosing a color that stands in high contrast to the other three walls of your room. Often times people will pair a white, or other neutral tone, with a highly dramatic color: think a light, soft blue and a solid green; or a soft yellow and a bright red. The more adventurous painters will then decorate these rooms with interesting and dramatically colored furniture, creating a quirky and truly individual sense of space

Another popular statement wall idea involves painting an entire wall with chalkboard paint, which creates a fun, functional space for you and your family to decorate on the regular, or use as a large, ever-changing "to-do list" space.

Finally, think beyond paint with a photography statement wall. First, choose a standout color - a red, black, or bright hue of your choice - and then overlay with a beautiful collage made up of photographs of your family and friends.

Have fun with frames by either choosing different designs and colors, or keeping it simple by using just one color and type of frame.

Furniture Make-over

Painting your dining room table and chairs is a great way to give new life to your space, without breaking the bank. Plus you get the added sense of fulfillment of having completed the project yourself! Be sure to pick out a color (or colors) that fit well with the current space. If your choice of hue stands in stark contrast to the current decor and wall color, perhaps think about an even larger overhaul of the space!

Stairway to Heaven

People often overlook the design potential of their stairway banister. There are so many ways to use this space in a fun, dramatic, and beautiful way! (Which adjective you choose from that list is, of course, highly dependent on your design aesthetic.) Plus, this area of your home is one that receives a high volume of traffic - people are always touching handrails, and the wood can be susceptible to scratches and dings, while the natural oil from our hands can cause damage and wear to the existing paint.

When considering this project, ask yourself the following questions: what color are my stairs? Do I have carpet or hardwood? Would I like to keep my banister all one color, or should the handrail be different? Would I like it to stand in contrast to the flooring, or keep it similar?

Once you have all of these questions answered, figuring out what you will do with your banister will be easy! The most important thing is to know what you want, and then execute on your vision. These are but three fun ways to broach the new year with paint! We encourage you to think of how new hues will bring light and love to your space in 2016. They will undoubtedly help you with any goals you have to becoming a new you!