MOM = WOW: Jennifer won a free home makeover!



In honor of this Mother's Day, we found a deserving mom who fit the MOM=WOW bill. Her name is Jennifer, and she has two small children with a third on the way! Here's why she was nominated to win a home makeover from WOW 1 DAY PAINTING:

Jennifer is new to Ottawa, and says it's been tough finding time to make new friends.

"When I moved here, I kept to myself. [But recently I] reached out to a lady at my daughter's school and one good thing after another started happening. I got the right people around me," she says.

Those same people couldn't help but notice Jennifer's warmth. When they heard about the MOM=WOW giveaway, they nominated her for a home makeover from WOW 1 DAY PAINTING.

Leesha and Leesa Cunningham, from our Ottawa franchise, spent the weekend with Jennifer and spruced up her home.

Leesa says, "Jennifer was so, so happy and appreciative. She was a wonderful choice for us and we truly felt that we have made a difference in her life."

Stay tuned for the results of more MOM=WOW giveaways from our Calgary and Toronto franchises.