Make the most of your home with paint


Are you thinking of selling your home? With many North American housing markets heating up in the summer months, there is one simple way to ensure you capitalize off of this trend.


"A house's paint job greatly impacts how potential buyers feel about a place," says James Alisch, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING's Managing Director. "Too often individuals minimize the impact of this first impression, and risk the chance of an instant, emotional rejection of their home."


Compared to other outside improvements, like roofing, painting is a less expensive way to improve your facade. Buyers may not consider the need to redo a roof when they are looking at a home, but they will think about needing to paint; it's a huge deterrent.

James recommends:

  • Updating the exterior first if you have to choose. Next, update your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Choosing a fresh, clean, and neutral color palette.
  • Focusing on quality work. If the job is done to perfection, buyers will overlook color dissatisfaction.

The return on investment on a quality paint job is huge, and can greatly speed up your selling process.

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