White open spaces

By Aziza Farah

Looking to change up your home but can’t think of anything new? Try painting your floors white! Yes, that’s right. You read correctly. WHITE.

Painting your floors white might seem like a risky move, but in actuality there are many great benefits to this trend. Growing in popularity, this staple in Scandinavian design is a sure-fire way to turn your dull drab floors into your home’s next conversation piece. Whether you’re going for a modern look, a contemporary feel, or a chic farmhouse style, white floors are guaranteed to deliver! If you’re on the fence about taking the plunge, consider the following 5 reasons on why we think you should try it out.

1. It brightens up the space

Having white floors brightens a room by reflecting light rays. It also creates a more open, airy feel which will make the most of your current square footage and make the space look larger.

2. Cheaper than re-staining your floors

Painting your floors is a cost-effective way to give your floors a face-lift without paying to re-stain them (or replacing them with carpet or tile). A fresh coat of paint will cover the imperfections and breathe new life into your weathered old panels.  

3. Showcases your home

White floors highlight key centerpieces in your home and can draw more attention to an accent wall. It anchors the room by providing a neutral floor space that compliments everything above it.  If you’re feeling extra daring, paint the walls white too! What better way to showcase your home than by turning it into a functional art gallery?

4. Calming Energy

Feeling stressed? The color white is known to relax the nerves and ease the mind. If you’ve been feeling like you could use more peace in your life, then a fresh coat of white paint could do the trick.  To enhance the experience try painting the walls white as well – and keep them as white and fresh as possible (not letting them get dull or dingy) to keep those effects strong!

5. Minimalist Chic

Pairing white floors with white walls will give your interior great character that it won’t require much decorating. Pairing minimalist furniture with statement art pieces will give the room great character with half the amount of work. When decorating with white, less is definitely more.

Pro Tip:  Have concrete? No sweat! Try a porch paint like Sherwin-Williams’ Porch & Floor Enamel which works well on both concrete and wood floors.  Its formula makes it easier to maintain and keep clean.