Warm Paint Colors for Creating a Warm and Inviting Home

Sarah Robinson

When you think about how you want to feel in each room of your home, you'll probably use the words "warm and cozy" for at least a couple of them. Your home is your retreat from the busy world, so it only makes sense to want to give yourself a space to relax and feel comfortable.

A key part of creating your ideal warm and cozy space is to choose the right color palette. There are cozy colors to suit every style of decor, from feminine to masculine, modern to traditional, and everything in between! Let's take a deeper look at the kinds of colors that will help you create the ultimate cozy space.

Give Your Home a Warm and Cozy Feeling with Warm Paint Colors

Warm colors can help bring some light into a darker room that doesn't get much natural light. They can also help make north or east-facing rooms feel less chilly and give the illusion of being much brighter.

Warm Colors vs Cool Colors

Warm colors refer to the colors that reminds one of the sun, sunset, or of daytime. This includes any colors with undertones of yellow, red, or orange. On the opposite side, cool colors evoke a cool feeling because they remind us of things like water or grass. This includes any colors with undertones of blue, green, and purple (violet). Choosing the right type of color is very important, as it can really impact how you feel in the space.

What Colors are Warm and Inviting?


Brown is a great warm color that also has the benefit of being a neutral tone, which means it's easy to pair with other colors. Shades range from a very soft latte to a rich, dark espresso or chocolate brown.



Yellow is the quintessential warm color. It is the color of the sun, after all! The shade of yellow you choose depends on the room itself. For bedrooms, you'll want to stick to lighter, more pastel shades (like soft buttery yellow) as bright shades can be too stimulating for a space that is meant to be relaxing. However, in a living room, dining room, or kitchen, these brighter shades of yellow are perfect: think rich golden yellow or warm amber.


Red might seem too bright at first, but there is a wide range of shades that can work beautifully in any space. If you want to stick with a super bright red, try it as an accent wall or with painted red furniture. Darker reds like burgundy or maroon are nice for wall colors and can create a sophisticated look.


Pink can provide a great alternative to super bright reds. For a truly warm and cozy feel, opt for softer shades of rose or blush. If you go too bright (like bubblegum or fuchsia) your space can seem too overwhelming and end up feeling too cold.

What colors make a room look cozy?

Cozy colors aren't limited to warm tones only. You can still get a cozy feeling with certain cool colors. If you're working with cooler tones, go with darker versions to create that cozy vibe. Think dark blues like navy or royal, or a dark green such as moss or forest.

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