Our Top House Transformations of 2018

Sarah Robinson

At WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, we get to be a part of many incredible home transformations. It’s truly amazing how different a room or a home can look after a fresh coat of paint. We wanted to share some of the most dramatic house transformations from 2018 so you can see for yourself what a difference a day makes!

A refreshed exterior in Lakeville, MN

This exterior house transformation comes to us from Franchise Partner Mike Sandness at WOW 1 DAY PAINTING Minneapolis. Years of sitting in direct sunlight had caused the paint on this home’s siding to fade quite dramatically, making the home appear older than it really was. Even though the homeowners opted to keep the colors the same, the result is quite dramatic!

Colors used: Griffin by Sherwin Williams (body) and Origami White (trim).

An updated kitchen in Vancouver, BC

This next kitchen transformation comes to us from Lee Miller and his team at our Vancouver Metro franchise. After moving into a new home, the homeowners felt the colors were quite dated and in dire need of an update. Speed was a huge factor in their decision to go with WOW 1 DAY PAINTING. “Being able to get our entire home painted in a day was a huge draw for us. I’m happy to say that the quality is the highest I've seen,” explains the customer. In just 1 day, this green 80’s kitchen was transformed into a modern, chic space.

Colors used: Billowing Clouds by Dulux

Fresh kitchen cabinets in Miami, FL

This cool update comes to us from Franchise Partner Sion Azulay in our Miami franchise. The customer wanted a more modern look for their kitchen, but didn’t want to pay to replace all the cabinets. We helped them come up with an innovative, money-saving solution: giving the cabinets a new look with paint! A team of six painters worked to complete this amazing transformation, which included sanding and priming the cabinets first, then finishing with a semi-gloss hard finish for cabinets. The end result is a much more contemporary look, with a resilient finish to keep the cabinets looking great for years to come.

Colors used: Extra White by Sherwin Williams

A new look for a historic home in Charleston, NC

This inside and out house transformation comes to us from Christian Hays and the team at WOW 1 DAY PAINTING Charleston. What makes this job extra unique is that it’s a historic home, which meant having to get approval for the paint colors from the city. The customer wanted to be consistent with the other historic homes in the area, which are painted in bright bold colors. It doesn’t get much brighter than this gorgeous shade of pink!

Colors used: In the Pink by Sherwin Williams (siding), and Downing Slate from the historic Charleston collection (doors)

A bright and cheerful exterior in Loveland, CO

Our most striking transformation of the year comes from Franchise Partner Sami Martinez and the team at our Colorado North franchise. This cute 1905 cedar shingle home was in desperate need of some TLC. After we tested for lead (which was negative thankfully) we went to work power washing & then doing a ton of repairs. The home has sunflowers growing in the front garden and the clients really wanted a color to match the bright and cheerful feeling of the flowers. They tried a couple of colors and were having a hard time choosing one, so we happily helped them make their final selections. They were really happy with the final results—it looks like new!

Colors used: Ambitious Amber by Sherwin Williams (siding) and Tassel (trim)