How To Use Lemon Yellow In Your Home

Sarah Robinson

We all want spaces that feel sunny, bright, and warm in our homes. This becomes especially important when we find ourselves in the middle of winter, with the shorter days leaving us wanting more sunshine in our lives. While we can't control the weather (or the way time works) we can easily create spaces that mimic that same sunshiney vibe. How? By incorporating a little Lemon Yellow into our lives!

Lemon yellow isn't what you would call a subtle color-it's ideal for rooms that you want to feel lively and energetic. We like the idea of using it in spaces that encourage conversation and interaction, like the gathering spaces in your home. Think living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. Since it's so bright, it can be a bit too stimulating for a bedroom space. In any space that's meant to be more relaxing, you may want to consider using it as an accent color.

Lemon Yellow Accent Wall

This bright shade instantly warms up a room, which makes it a perfect choice for spaces that tend to feel a bit dark, especially in winter. A hint of lemon can make you feel like you're sitting in a sunshine-filled room, even on the darkest day!

Bright Yellow Bedroom

Since it's so bright, it might seem like you're limited in your choice of color palette, but that's not the case! Yellow is actually quite versatile and pairs well with a variety of different colors.

For a truly classic look, nothing works quite like crisp white. If you're doing a lemon yellow wall, go with white accents on the trim and in larger pieces of furniture like bookshelves or tables.

Shades of gray also work beautifully with this shade of yellow-it creates a more modern look. A gray sofa would look amazing in a living room done up in yellow and white. As for the shade, both dark and light grays work really well with bright yellow.

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to bring more color into your space, blue is always a great choice. Darker blues like navy help to tone down the intensity of the yellow, while a bright shade of cobalt can really pop when paired with yellow.

Purple sits opposite yellow on the color wheel, which makes it a cool choice to add to your yellow palette. While both colors are quite bright, they balance each other out and create a super fun contrast, especially if you choose a more muted purple. Just make sure you don't use too much of both colors at the same time. Choose one as a dominant color and use the other as an accent.

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