Home Office Paint Colors to Make You More Productive

Sarah Robinson

If you work from home full time, or just occasionally make your home your workspace, you know that productivity can be an issue. When you’re at home, you’re more comfortable than you would be at the office, which can make it easy to get distracted. Thankfully, there are a few little design tricks you can use to trick your brain. 

It all starts with choosing the right color. The brain has a strong relationship with colors, and certain hues can cause you to react in different ways. Let’s take a closer look at how some of the most popular home office paint colors can turn your space into a den of supreme productivity. 

Red - the body

Red Home Office

Interestingly enough, red can actually stimulate a physical reaction, raising your heart rate and increasing blood flow. This makes it a great option for those who have jobs that require them to move around a bit. It also brings out emotion and passion in people, which definitely helps with productivity. 

Blue - the mind

Blue Home Office

It’s often said that blue is the most productive color around. The brain reacts positively to seeing blue, since it’s quite stable and calming. It helps you focus, and takes the edge off of stressful work situations. It’s a great color to use for a whole room, using other colors as accents. 

Green - the emotions

Green Home Office

Green is great for those who often find themselves burning the midnight oil. It doesn’t cause eye fatigue, which is why it’s so good for people who work long hours. It’s also quite calming, and helps with efficiency. 

Yellow - the emotions, the ego, and self-confidence

Yellow Home Office

If you have a job in the creative realm, yellow is a perfect color for your office. This bright and brilliant hue is said to stimulate creativity, much like how you might feel inspired by stepping outside on a sunny day. 

Now for the really cool part: studies have shown that when you blend colors together, you can still get some of the benefits of each individual color. So while blue might be ideal for someone who crunches numbers all day, green gives you the benefit of the creative edge of yellow. You can also use decorative accents to your advantage too - while an all red room might be a bit much for you, pops of red will certainly help to perk you up during a long work day.

The intensity of the tone also makes a big difference in how your body responds to it. For example, more intense, pure, and bright colors will stimulate you more than lighter pastel versions of the same colors. 

So when you’re designing your home office, keep color theory in mind. While a lighter green might be a fabulous choice for a writer, it might not work for an accountant or a designer. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match - with a little experimentation, you’re sure to come up with the perfect blend of home office paint colors to keep you focused and working hard all day long.