5 Best Home Gym Colors

Sarah Robinson

Whether you're training for a half-marathon, or just trying to get quick workouts in around your work schedule, having a home gym is the most convenient way to train. But when you're trying to make sure your home stays warm and inviting it's not as easy as just buying a treadmill -- you also need to decide how to make the space feel like you (and motivate you to crush that half marathon)!

Get Motivated with a Red Home Gym Paint Scheme

Red Home Gym

The best place to start decorating your home gym is by considering paint schemes. For a home gym you'll want to find a color that will keep you motivated whether it's early Sunday morning, or right after a long workday. Red is a great choice because it is known to be a motivating color, associated with strength and resilience. If the idea of painting all of your walls red feels too bold, consider adding just one as an accent wall. A warm red is a great option because it easily matches with the silvers and blacks that tend to be prominent in workout equipment. 

Chill Out in a Green Yoga Room

Green Home Gym

For a home yoga room, you're going to need some calming colors. Greens and whites are great options for relaxing energy. To keep the space feeling zen, opt for lighter tones like sage green and creamy whites. Inspired by nature, green roots you back to earth and adds a grounding energy for your daily practice. 

To add depth to your space, consider adding some tall mirrors. Not only with the mirrors make the room feel larger, it will also give you the opportunity to check on your form! Cost-cutting bonus tip: Skip the fancy workout suppliers and buy your full-length mirrors at IKEA.

Get Energized with a Neon Blue Fitness Room

Blue Home Gym

If you're looking to update your space to influence your workout, there's no better option than a neon color scheme. It might sound bananas, but there was a reason that the 80s workout culture was focused around bright blues, pinks, and greens. Neon colors are stimulating, and give you a boost of energy you need when training around your busy schedule. Try an accent wall with a burst of bright blue -- we promise you'll see what we're talking about!

Go Bold with an Orange Weight Training Room

Orange Home Gym

We've all had years where we bail on our workout plan based on a New Year's resolution. Adding a weight room to your home is a great way to commit to your schedule. For a weight training room, you'll want to consider bold tones that will bring you power and energy. Orange is a great option because it combines the power of red and the calming elements of white and yellow. It will keep you feeling positive and warm, all the way into next year's new year's resolution!

Keep it Classic with a Minimalist White Home Gym

If you're looking for a more minimalist space, consider going for warm white walls with a black chalkboard wall. Chalkboard walls are a great choice for a home gym because they give you the opportunity to write your stats and motivational phrases on the wall while also leaving room to change things up. White walls leave room for you to add different accents in the space like hardwood floors or a wooden barre. 

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