3 Must Have Painters Tools



I've been painting for close to 25 years now, ever since I was at university in Ontario. I definitely used my fair share of paint brushes, rollers and other accessories and here are the 3 tools that I simply cannot live without:


1. A High Quality Polyester Brush
For crisper cut lines and speedier work, a high quality 2.5 or 3 inch brush is worth every penny.
High quality brushes such as Purdy or Wooster will hold more paint which will require the painter to "load" the brush less frequently. The bristles will also hold their form longer thus providing cleaner cut lines with far better control than a dollar brush from the discount bin. When cleaned and stored properly, these brushes can last years, thereby saving money in the long run.

2. Extension Pole
I've seen many a homeowner spend hundreds of dollars on paint only to apply that paint without the aid of $10 extension pole. An extension pole accomplishes 3 things; it provides a much better finish as you can roll the entire height of a wall without interruption, it saves a ton of time - if a professional can roll paint on a 20 foot wall in 10 minutes, imagine what a DIY'er can do! Lastly, you won't need to call your chiropractor after a day of painting when using an extension pole.

3. A Hand Masker
In terms of a professional tool, a hand masker is invaluable. This tool allows you to dispense masking paper while at the same time attaching tape to the edge of the paper, saving huge amounts of time in the process. At $50, this tool is a tad on the pricey side but the return on investment is massive. If I were taping a hardwood floor to facilitate painting of a baseboard, it would be a no-brainer to use a hand masker.

These are my favourite tools, what are some of yours? Feel free to comment below.