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One Tip to Sell Your Home Faster & For More Money

By Liz Smith for Smart Asset
This post originally appeared on SmartAsset

First impressions leave a lasting impression. One of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance the first impression of your home is with paint.

Realtors continue to recommend painting as the budget home improvement to increase value without breaking the bank. Sure, major improvement projects may make your house worth more but they are not always financially possible or wise. Painting is a quick option to add value to your home in a buyer’s market.

Brush Your Way to a Buyer

Focus on areas of the house that buyers see first. This can be the exterior or the entryway.

If you plan on doing the painting yourself, it’s time for some prep work. Wash all the dirt away before you pick up a brush. Repair any damage and scrape any old, peeling paint off. If you don’t want to paint the whole house, consider an eye-popping area like the front door or accents like railings, trims, and window frames to freshen up the exterior. Inside, you could put a fresh coat on the trim around the front door and the foyer.

Because painting makes such a drastic difference, be sure to think through color choice and the effect the changes will have on your home. It’s best to use fresh, neutral tones as they appeal to the greatest number of people. Cream, white, beige, and other neutrals brighten the home. They also represents a clean slate so the buyer can make decisions about the home’s appearance. Choosing a matte finish can take the focus off any imperfections your home may have.

Calling in the Pros

The do-it-yourself approach is great for small touch up work. But if the thought of paint splattering on your clothes (and possibly onto your furniture) stresses you out, consider hiring someone. This is important and you don’t want the house to end up looking worse than before you started.

Hiring a professional doesn’t have to delay the project. Some painting companies can spruce up the whole house quickly. WOW 1 DAY Painting is one of those options – they use professional painters to complete high quality work in one day with a two-year warranty.

“A coat of paint before listing your house is a no-brainer,” according to WOW 1 DAY Painting franchise owner Hugh McKee. “Our clients tell us they get four or five times their investment back when selling. A $5K investment in a fresh coat of paint can fetch $20-25K in added market value.”

Once you or the professionals have completed the work, be sure to promote recent painting in the advertisements for your house. To further entice buyers, include the date of the completed work and the quality of the paint used. When it’s time to sell, this easy, lower-budget improvement will change how a buyer feels about your home. It can make it sell at a higher cost and in a shorter time.

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