'We Can Grow Faster and Bigger’: Why These Painting Business Owners Turned To Franchising

When Jeremy and Jackie Zamora's painting business hit a plateau, they started looking into franchising - and found WOW 1 DAY PAINTING. Now, the sky is the limit... and they couldn’t be more excited about the future. 

So what made you want to own your business? How did this all start?

Jacqueline: Well, actually we already had a painting business, but we wanted to grow - we wanted to take the next step, and to do that, we realised that we needed franchising. We started looking into various painting franchises, and the WOW 1 DAY PAINTING culture really matched up with what we feel is valuable in a business. We saw that you guys had the resources and the know-how to really grow.

So you are already entrepreneurs, and this was more about taking the next step?

Jacqueline: Yeah, definitely. You guys have a lot of resources that we couldn't necessarily afford on our own. So we can definitely see the potential of growing much faster and bigger with WOW 1 DAY PAINTING.

What was it about WOW 1 DAY PAINTING in particular that appealed to you?

Yeremy: Everything started when I did some projects for another painting franchisor. I started looking at franchising with them, had a couple of calls with them… but we very quickly realised that it wasn’t what we were looking for. I saw the style of work, how they treat the customer, how they treat employees, and it wasn’t right, it’s not our kind of culture. 

Jacqueline: That was what sparked the interest of "Oh, painting, franchise, duh. We already have a painting company. That makes a lot of sense” - but it wasn’t until Yeremy stumbled across WOW that we started to actually see this is a reality. 

Yeremy: I saw it and I said, "Jackie! Look at this. This is what we're looking for."

Jacqueline: Yeah. So once he found it, the spark was lit - and we just wanted to learn more and more and more. Every day Yeremy would say, "Jackie, do you know that at WOW they blah blah”, and I'm like, "I didn't know. I'm trying to sleep right now. You didn't need to tell me right now." [laughs]. But he just got super excited about it, and that made me super excited. It's not just about painting. I can really see that we could grow something big. 

How did you get into owning your own business originally? Your own painting business?

Yeremy: So, it started from my side. I came to the United States almost 17 years ago. And I started working as a painter, working in lots of construction areas, and always learning. But I’m a business person - I love business - and I wanted more. I started doing side jobs by myself, and clients started offering me bigger and bigger projects.

Jacqueline: A client saw something in him. And said, “You're really talented and we like the way you treat other people, if you ever start a business, give us a call.” And so I think that just gave him the push to say, "You know what, I'm doing this. I'm not going to let this opportunity pass by.” Now we've owned our business for five years. 

Great, and now this is the next step! What are you looking forward to most about being part of WOW 1 DAY PAINTING?

Jacqueline: The culture. That's really just an interesting different thing that you don't see very often. And I like the idea of bringing that culture into our team, our group, our business.

Yeremy: Yeah. I feel like everybody treats each other like a family. So I love that.

Jacqueline: And it also gives you the tools to grow. I mean, because that was the main thing. It was like, “Okay, we feel like we plateaued here. How can we do better? How can we get better?” And the WOW culture, having it in our business, is one way - but also the resources.

You said you have had a painting business five years now. Where do you want to be in like the next five years?

Jacqueline: I think for me, in five years I expect our business to be taking over. I really hope that we can continue to grow our territories, and be the household name in the Greater Charlotte area. And I really hope that we have many teams, many crews. That's kind of my dream business. 

Yeremy: Yes,  I want to work really hard to see WOW in every corner of our town. So when people are driving around, they see us everywhere. 

And how are you both involved in your community? What are your passions outside of work?

Jacqueline: We, especially Yeremy, really love to help people. And we like to help our family. We like to help people that we know that are in need. So I hope that we can continue to do that as we grow our business, we can continue to grow that reach of helping and get more involved with the community.

Yeremy: We're also really spontaneous, so once we really start to build this business, it will give us the freedom. The freedom to travel, and to have our own schedule - and to enjoy the money we make! 

Jacqueline: What else do we like to do? Spend time with our boys. We have two toddlers and they're awesome - so obviously we love to spend time with them and do kid stuff.

That's great. Are they going to have little branded hats on?

Jacqueline: Definitely. I mean, when our clothes came in, one of our sons, I opened the box and he was like, "WOW." And I'm like, "That's it, sweetheart. That is the name of our company - let’s keep practicing that!"

He got it! Welcome to the family both of you, and congratulations on taking this next step in your journey!